Welcome to a community who is counting on God’s words, Chihówa anno̱pa!

Our mission as "God's Word Sharers" at Choctaw Bible Translation Committee ("CBTC") is to strengthen and revive the Choctaw language.  "Lha̱nkochih hichah Okchalih!"

Therefore our goal is to provide spiritual resources to the Choctaw community.  

We believe the Holy Scripture holds Words of Life.  And God makes himself known in the context of community.  This website provides pages of the Holy Scripture in the Choctaw language.  And we will update our Walking with God pages to share our stories as God's Story in our Choctaw, Mississippi corner of the world unfolds.  

Please be patient with us as we build our website! You can also connect with our Chihówa Anno̱pa Toshóli page on facebook! (facebook.com/groups/choctawbible)

Check back often for new stories and pages! May God bless you and smile on you!

Translation in process
Proofreading the translation